Cembrane’s flat sheet membranes are fitted in square module consisting of 42 membrane sheets that are individually interchangeable. The modules are submersible & can be stacked individually on top of each other up to 15 modules in total. The membrane surface area is the determining factor for the capacity of the installation, the more surface area the more flow through the plant.
Filtered water from each single plate is collected inside the module housing and transported to the top header integrated in both module housing sides.


A slight vacuum, typically around 0,1 – 0,2 bar is applied to the membrane to pull water through. Solids and other contaminants are blocked by the membrane pores and are retained on the surface. Periodically, water is reversed back through the membranes to dislodge and remove solids that have accumulated on the surface.

In some applications, air is bubbled up in between plates to provide a scouring action which further helps keep the membrane clean. Various types of spray washes can be employed to quickly and effectively remove solids from the membrane surface.