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Cembrane was founded with the objective to transform ceramic membranes from a niche technology to a well-established technology for challenging drinking and wastewaters. Being true to our core values of productivity, honesty and rationality, we at Cembrane constantly strive to provide our customers with durable and reliable products at competitive prices. With a unique new generation of ceramic membranes, Cembrane has overcome the challenge of treating difficult water and thereby offering a chance to the World’s growing population for having access to clean and safe water. Our slogan “clean water for life” reflects this vision.

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Clean Water for Life

Water crisis is the serious issue endangering human,animal and plant life on earth. Even in the developed and industrial world where there is advanced technology, the population growth has led to higher demend for water,emphasizing the significance of this esential resource.

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liters/day 49.290.000

the amount of this water which was treated by us until today

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cembrane iran pilot


We have built a pilot with a capacity 300 liters per hour . this pilot was equipped with a coagulation section and can be used manually or automatically

Delivery of another batch of Sicblox Modules by cembrane texas factory

Cembrane texas factory delivers another batch of Sicblox Modules

The talented team at the Texas Cembane factory is celebrating the weekend with yet another delivery



A roadmap -or the development and applications o-


Removal Heavy Metals and Arsenic

The incoming feedwater should be conditioned to allow for permeable cake layer build up on the membrane.